How to Make Money Without No Money

Now that you’ve realized how wealthy you are, chances are you’re still stuck in the old thinking that got you to this point and looking back. Your sees that the way you’ve been earning money only adds to your already burgeoning deficit.

Wealthy people look at their money differently. They question their cash with the following questions.

How would it feel if you chose to spend $10,000 this year instead of saving it all?

What if instead of buying a car for $25,000, would you be able to buy one for only $13,500?

What if instead of buying a TV, would you be able to buy one for only $6,500?

These questions Electricity Bill – It would be nice to dance in around the extension cord, stick your feet on the cushion, step onto the couch, and not stough your feet on the floor or down in the throw carpet. (If you don’t, I have something just for you).

Do you need an extravagance such as gambling? Would it be better to buy one boat and stay on one instead of two?

What type of vacations would you be most interested in taking?

How much would your life be like if you were never late for bill payment, never use the credit card, never went over your limit, never went over your budget when it was relative. How many times would you like to drive, where do you like to drive? Most rich people like me would like that our car never takes us anywhere that we don’t need to be, but instead drive us anywhere that we want along.

This brings me to the next question, do you want to learn how to make money or have fun?? You might have an abundance of money, but most likely, you want to have more fun. Every wealthy person I know wants more of everything. They don’t know what they want, but they know how to get it. Don’t let money be the only item you are focused on in life. There is plenty more than money.

I’ve had the opportunity of looking into these questions and realized that the more money you have and the more material possessions. The more money and material possessions go into. It doesn’t matter if your final salary day is rich. It has a lot to do with the priorities in life you’ve established for yourself. For example, if you’ve always been driven to work these days, but you’ve decided that you don’t want to work yourself to death anymore, then maybe you’d like to buy a boat. If you’ve always been inspired to be a best-selling author or an actor, that may not be the priority, but it might be in the long run. Take a look at the types of jobs available in your area. Are there any positions that give you excellent benefits, great pay, and work from home? Would that be something that you would like to get into?

Here’s an example for us to understand ourselves better. I want to keep it accurate, but I am a carpenter, and I took a part-time job in college. It was something that I loved, it was easy, and I was learning a lot, and it helped me pay my college tuition. It was something that I liked to do, but I wasn’t the best at it. So now, let’s say that you’re better at the carpenter job, but you’re still stuck with being a carpenter. What are your priorities? I could be a lawyer, a nurse, a teacher, babysitter, a minimum wage job at the local fast-food chain….,

I could go on and on forever. The problem with your priorities in life always lies within you, and you’re controlling your thoughts and emotions. When you’ve got a lot of money, you don’t worry about money. You don’t think about saving money. Hmmm, where do you put your saving money in? With a savings account? I mean, you have $20 in your pocket, and how does that compare to the tens of thousands of dollars that you can start saving by cutting unnecessary spending.

Let me simple, you can have a lot of money, or you can have no money. You’re going to get the big picture when you start thinking with your mind. I would put money as number one on my list of priorities because it is this ultimate goal that I want to achieve by moonlighting from my typical job and making investments. But in the meantime, I will make a list of my necessities. These are things that I need. My needs are driving that equation. Then I would structure my priorities. You might have put retirement as your number one priority, which is fine. I might have placed it second to savings, and I might put it last.