New promising Blockchain Startups- Part 1

New promising Blockchain Startups hope for a 500% increase in a few weeks.

As expected, the crypto and blockchain frenzy is spreading more and more around the world.

Numerous exchanges are currently unable to open any new trading accounts due to the enormous influx of customers!

Here traditional business is now combined with the new technology! Companies that are at the forefront can experience enormous increases in value within a short time!

Simultaneously, the trend is now also spreading to the classic stock exchanges. More and more exciting and promising business models and young companies are coming onto the market.

The new blockchain startup:
Technology Corp. (TSX-V: HOC; WKN: A2QEYH, FSE: RWPM) reported yesterday:

Live pilot transactions on OilEx starting already in April.

The OilEx platform will initially go online as a Minimum Viable Product (“MVP”) in April 2021 for the pilot transactions!

MVP provides an overview of the OilEx digital marketplace that consolidates trade supply and demand and enables transactions with three functional areas:

his product version provides a live solution in a cloud environment.


The testing process generates critical insights into user and industry needs on a more transaction-specific level. It builds on its market research and industry experience network.

Testing and subsequent feedback are essential steps to ensure the product is ready for the market, reduce delivery risk, and deliver the highest possible value to platform users.

Technology Corp. (TSX-V: HOC; WKN: A2QEYH, FSE: RWPM), Analysts that followed the last few weeks carefully, conclude that the company has the potential to establish itself as a real player; in the billion-dollar blockchain market!

Last week, Hunter Technology Corp. (TSX-V: HOC; WKN: A2QEYH, FSE: RWPM) an update on the integration and development of three different core technology platforms company’s assets.