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We provide our customers with excellent, high-quality and innovative service at a competitive price.
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Innovative solutions for the construction industry
SAFETY-PRO provides innovative safety solutions for the construction industry.
The company provides a wide range of quality end railings for the construction phase, such as:

Edge railings
Stair railings
Scaffolding railings
Railings for lintels
Elevator shaft closures
We provide Tailored solutions according to customer needs.
The products were developed by us and approved by the Patent Registry.

European standard
The products have been engineered and certified to meet the stringent requirements of the European standard! EN 13374

Embraces for the construction industry
New product development
We invest a lot of time developing new and unique products to suit the customer’s needs with an emphasis on quality, durability, modularity, comfort and uniformity to maintain a high level of safety throughout the construction phase!

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Advantages of our products
Long-term durability
Our products are versatile and long-lasting – built from quality materials, have undergone a hot galvanising process and are manufactured with the highest level of finish!
Our products have been designed with the utmost care in product design – significantly improving the building’s appearance and the reputation of our customers.

Simple to operate
Our products have maximum modularity, are simple to operate and install.
Click installation! Very convenient and efficient. Save time and money.

Innovative solutions
High development capability in innovative and smart custom solutions for every need.

High safety
Our nets made of 5.5 mm galvanised steel wire with a top and bottom profile with a unique bending and design that provides maximum strength and prevents over-flexibility in the nets.
Also, uniformity in installation allows maximum supervision and control, to maintain a high safety level throughout all stages of construction!

Maximum comfort
Minimum parts.
There are no items that fall apart to prevent loss.
We provide Convenient, effective, and efficient packaging for long-term storage and transportation of products.
Convenient and efficient storage.
competitive price
The cost of subsistence is meagre compared to competitors.



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