Benjamin Netanyahu Says Bitcoin Increases As Banks Die TECH2

Benjamin Netanyahu Says Bitcoin Increases As Banks Die TECH2

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister, published a video over the internet on Tuesday expressing his views on our current traditional banking systems. He believes that they will eventually become obsolete and that Bitcoin would replace them entirely. Netanyahu bases his entire claim based on blockchain technologies’ trustless nature and the growth the cryptocurrency has seen within the last year. So in the sense of having a store of Value, Crypto’s will replace money, because the systems that control money have revealed the end game. Watch the movie In Time” and realize just how close to reality the concept is, compared to 30 or 40 years ago. Crypto does something money no longer can: provide people with a real long term hope for investment. Granted, investing in crypto is still high risk, but investing with the banks is a dead end, and aside from property and precious metals, the only other thing left is the stock market, but the stock market is just as risky as crypto, but with a much lower pay off.

While it’s evident that Netanyahu has faith in Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency, it’s clear that he has little faith in the current banking system. Believing that they were formed and remain operational to ensure that transactions between two individuals or parties are secure and valid, the argument is that this won’t be an appropriate system in the future. Banks continue to exhibit control on how cash is spent, reaping the benefits as a result, largely at the expense of the customer. Blockchain represents a different proposition entirely, as the technology that stands behind Bitcoin allows for any number of individuals to transact between each other directly. This represents a decentralized technology that pulls transactions away from centralized institutions, ensuring validity and security as a result. The truth behind what I just said is what’s propelling Bitcoin upwards”, Netanyahu said.

I was recently recorded on Roger Edwards’ podcast talking about FinTech, cryptocurrency and corporate change. You can checkout his website here, and here’s the low-down of our chat: On the show this week, I … The post FinTech, cryptocurrency and corporate change appeared first on Chris Skinner’s blog. Roger is a marketing strategist focused upon the insurance industry, and produces regular podcasts about said subject.

In the US, while the Congress appears to be in favour of passing the Bill ‘ S.1241 – Combating Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, and Counterfeiting Act of 2017′ that seeks to define anyone issuing, redeeming, or cashing Bitcoin as a financial institution, the UK regulators have once again warned that Bitcoin investors may ultimately lose all the money.

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